Kick Start Your Blogging – Extension Activity 1

I have recently re-invigorated this blog as part of the Teacher Challenge.

As part of the extension activity for Week 1, we were required to write a post about why we joined the challenge, what we wanted to learn more about and what in particular, about blogging had I been struggling with.

As you can well see, I created this blog over a year ago.

It has never been used.

What was stopping me? Not technophobia but ratherĀ a lack of confidence in my own ability to express my opinions in a public forum.

Today I want to try to overcome that fear and make connections with teachers not only in Australia but world wide so that I can become more knowledgable about my subject area. Also, I have been reminded through this challenge that blogs don’t necessarily have to be about expressing opinions and that is what I needed to be reminded of in terms of how I will direct my teaching to my students. I have some less opinion-driven ideas for blogs for the kids to be involved with.

So, what I would most like to learn is how to engage more readers. This has been something I have struggled with and would like to improve.



  1. A,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look around at my blog. Yes, I did start student blogging with my Year 9 students. I wrote a post about it here a while back. I have been meaning to write a post letting people know how it has been going as well as technology post for drama teachers and you have inspired me to get onto that right away (I’ve had a busy term, not enough time to blog imo! To be honest I’ve been a little slack on my end with the drama class blog (as you’ll notice when you go and look) but some of my kids really got into it. If you’d like to see what they have done you can check out There are links in the side bar to some of my student’s blogs.

    I’m also interested in teaching over in the States for a semester or so. I’d really love to hear from you about what kinds of things you do in class and what they kids are like.

    Thanks again, K.

  2. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and noticed that this post (about not posting in a year) is from January. Have you since started that class blog that you reference? I teach theatre and drama in the United States and I am also combating my own pre-conceived notions of what a blog entails or “should” be, vs. what I think it could be for me and my students.


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  4. Krista,

    How exciting! Another Drama teacher. Good on you. In answer to your first question, I guess I originally thought that blogs were about expressing opinions and only that. What I wanted to do with the student class blog is introduce the concept of blogging by making it a place for them to post their work from class and to receive comments and feedback from their classmates. Then, perhaps as time goes on I will start integrating the idea of expressing opinions on issues studied in class and so forth. Sometimes I think with young kids expressing “opinions” can mean “lets rant and rave about how much we hate this or that”. I suppose with scaffolded questions it would work but I also don’t believe blogs are just about expressing opinions anymore and I want them to see the wider possibilities for blogging.

    Also, I have an extra-curricular Drama Club that I run and I thought that a blog could be a great way to promote the club because I could link it to the school website and get the students to drive the blog with pieces about say, ‘The Rehearsal Process”, “The Role of the Stage Manager”, “Actor Profiles” etc. So they’re sharing what they are learning. Through that they’ll probably have an opinion anyway but they will have to critically think a lot more as to why they are liking or disliking what they are learning and perhaps also find solutions or different ways of learning.

    Yes, I am planning a class blog. One for my English class and one for my Drama class. I don’t want to get too carried away and have all my classes blogging just yet because I’m still new at a lot of this too so I want to be able to manage the technology aspects. In Drama, the students are expected to keep a logbook about the things they learn in class. I’m hoping to turn this into an online book rather than a paper one which I have used in the past. I will provide a scaffold of questions for them to answer in each entry. I can send you a copy of my paper version as a guide if you like.

    I only know of professional associations in NSW. They are called Drama NSW. They send out a journal twice a year with articles and support material for teachers. They hold workshops occasionally also. Also, search in your local area for Teacher Professional Learning companies. TTA is a company I have used locally. They provide great courses some focused on technology. Some other technology resources can be found here at Curriculum Support. I also have a link to them on my main page.

    Other ways I use technology in the classroom are: Audacity, to create radio plays and turn them into podcasts and Adobe Premiere for film making and editing.

    I hope this helps. All the best. Check back regularly and I may have some more information that may be helpful to you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

  5. Hi I am a teacher candidate and i will be teaching drama for the very first time in a few weeks. I have been reading blogs all over the map and yours is just great. I am interested in why you mention that the children’s topics should be less opinion based.
    Do you mean they need to prove their opinion based on things from class or wider resources.

    Are you planning a class blog?

    I am looking for a drama teachers network, do you have suggestions?

    I am interested in learning about how teacher use technology in drama?


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