Fantastic Find: How to Keep All Those Great YouTube Clips!

The classroom environment has certainly changed now that technology is ever present in our lives. The relationship between the teacher and the student is such a different one now. The shift in a lesson between teacher as leader and student as leader is always changing. Especially when using technology.

What amazes me is the wealth of knowledge students have about what is available on the Internet to make things easier for us. I’m not that old but I don’t have a lot of time to sit around on the Internet and look for resources. Thanks to the Edublogs Kick Start Your Blogging Challenge I’ve recently discovered ways of gathering a lot of resources in a few simple locations so I’m keeping up to date with things a lot better. Things like Twitter and Google Reader and Email Subscriptions. I recently had an experience where I felt like I was the student and I’m all the better for it.

I’d been struggling to get my YouTube clips to play because I couldn’t update Adobe Flash Player. The DER laptops we have been given do not allow us to update to the latest Flash Player software (the issues with this I could save for another post!)  I told my students this and one of them promptly piped up with a website suggestion, took over downloading it for me and then watched over my shoulder as I showed him how to download a second video in the way that he had taught me!

The gem of a website one of my little darlings showed me this week was a website called

Simply copy and paste the URL of the video you wish to download, select the file type (preferably MP4 according to my star pupil) and ta-da! It downloads it, saving it wherever you’ve requested it to be saved. I now have a permanent folder full of YouTube resources that I can use over and over again without ever having to go onto the site! Easy.

Have you had a student-teacher moment in reverse? Share in the comments below.



  1. Love the idea of the Geek Squad Deb! It’s also fantastic that kids can find their niche by helping other teachers out. The experience is invaluable for them. I’m glad there are other teachers out there who aren’t afraid to let the kids teach them. I know there are many teachers who struggle with the relationship we now have with our students in the classroom. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks, Karla, that website will be helpful. I’m having issues with Flash on our computers too. Prezi and a history game I wanted to use are unavailable on some of our school computers because we don’t have Flash.

    I have lots of students who help me with different aspects of technology. We are all learners, and I am the chief learner in my classroom–to be sure. One thing that someone showed me recently was that when bringing photos or clipart into iMovie, you do not have to go through iPhoto. You can drag jpg images right into the project. For years, I had been putting them into iPhoto first. I know how you felt when that student taught me a way to do something with one less step. 🙂 Yeah for our “teachers.”


  3. MANY times over the last few years students have shown me how to do something with technology. And I happily let them! I call them my Geek Squad. I have no embarrassment at all going to someone more knowledgeable than me for help. One of these students is now helping out the IT guru in our building. And this is a site I will keep for future reference.

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