Warm-Up of the Week: The Clapping Circle

This is a game of concentration and quick reflexes. It’s really fun to play. I call it:

The Clapping Circle

How to Play:

  1. Have the group form a circle. They must kneel or lie flat on their stomach and have their hands in front of them.
  2. Have each student interchange their hands so that the space in front of them contains not only one of their hands but someone elses. So, that pattern should be: your own hand, hand of person on your left, your own hand, hand of person on your right.
  3. The teacher leads the group by having each person tapping their hand on the ground in a clockwise direction. Then repeat but in an anti-clockwise direction.
  4. Up the competition by allowing the students to control which direction the tap moves in by adding in a double tap to change the direction.
  5. If students are too slow or pick their hand up to tap out of turn, they are out and must remove their hand from the circle.
  6. The last two students in are the winners.