Fantastic Find: SchoolTube

Recently a colleague of mine, who manages our school’s website, created a YouTube channel. One such time our web guru utilised the channel was for Multicultural Day. I thought this was such a brilliant idea. With drama being such a visual subject and people preferring to watch rather than read I really liked the idea of this being the way in which we as educators communicate with parents and the wider community. I also feel it would be a great place for student’s to show off their work and what they’re doing in class.

The difficulty with YouTube for student’s at our school is that with the DER laptops, YouTube is blocked 😦

That is, however, until a colleague shared a link with us this week. It’s called SchoolTube also known as SkoolToob.  There is also another site specifically designed for school’s to post footage. It is called Schoolstube .

They both work under a similar premise. You can either watch videos that are approved by a moderator and/or upload your own videos. You can also create a free channel for your school. Other student’s and educator’s can search for videos using the tags, categories and channel topics. There are contests to enter and a video of the day feature.

What I loved was the sharing feature. Not only can you share on all the usual places like Facebook and Twitter but they also have a specific feature to share on Edmodo.

There are premium packages are available. They are quite pricey but may be worthwhile if your school is tech-friendly.

Is it any better than YouTube? Not really. There’s just less rubbish to sift through which suits the filters nazi’s just fine.

I had a bit of a search around and I found a really great initiative that a school in that States is doing. I’m a huge fan of musicals and you can’t go past West Side Story, so take a look at this!


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  1. Karla,
    I have recently found SchoolTube too. It truly has been a fantastic find. I like the fact that the uploads are all moderated by an educator at the school where it’s uploaded. That West Side Story with a hearing-impaired Maria is a great video.
    Thanks for sharing,

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