Warm-Up of the Week: Explain Communication

This week’s warm up has a tricky name. Can you think of a better title for it? Read through the explanation of how to play and post your comment below.

  1. Start by having each student sit on a chair in a circle.
  2. Facilitate a discussion on how people communicate. Some questions to ask might be: do we just use words to communicate? What else do we use to communicate? What happens if we don’t use all these things to communicate? How has technology changed the way we communicate?
  3. Ask a student to volunteer to stand in the middle of the circle. They must also remove their chair from the circle. There should now be one less chair than there are student’s sitting in the circle.
  4. The aim of the game is for the student’s sitting in the circle to switch places with another student sitting opposite them in the circle. The only catch is, they must not speak, use hand gestures or facial expressions. Only their eyes can be used.
  5. When the student’s decide to switch the student standing in the middle of the circle must get to one of the seats before the other student thereby potentially changing who is in the middle of the circle.

NB: Try not to have student’s switch with the person next to them. It’s unfair to the person in the middle and kind of defeats the purpose of the game.

Happy playing!



  1. Great website! I also know this as “Kitty Wants Your Corner”, but I like that this is ‘older’ for middle – high school actors. How about “Silent Switch” as a name – ?

  2. Great website! I play a game like this and it is called “Kitty wants a Corner”. The only diffrerence is the person in the middle has to walk around the the circle making eye contact with each person, saying to them “Kitty wants a corner”, as if they are asking for a place to stand, as each student denies them the others are using non-verbal communication to switch spots.

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