Fantastic Find: Open Attribute

I was flicking through my Twitter feed the other day and I noticed a re-tweet from @simonjob and @betchaboy about this site called Open Attribute.

Put very simply, Open Attribute is an add-on that can help you, the blogger, teacher, student, correctly credit Creative Commons material that you have used from other sites on yours.

I’ll admit, I was one of those teacher’s who didn’t think much about crediting where they got pictures and video footage from etc. If I hadn’t participated in the Kick Start Your Blogging Teacher Challenge and in particular Activity 5 – Enhancing Your Post with Images back in January I’d still be none the wiser.

I still find it to be quite a tedious job in the sense that I have to concentrate really hard to make sure I’m getting the correct details written down. I’ve noticed lately as well that on Flickr some of the images, when you click in the right hand tool bar to obtain their license, rather than going to the license page it simply goes to the FAQ page instead. I’m not sure what this means in terms of the images I’m using so if anyone has any insights please share them in the comments below. Images and I are not on the best of terms, as I’ve outlined before in previous posts.

If you’re not sure what Creative Commons is check this website out from Australia.

Put simply, and I love their little slogan, Creative Commons aim is to allow people to “share, remix, reuse – legally.” They are a non-profit organisation, providing licenses and tools that copyright owners can use to allow others to use their material legally.

They have a range of licenses that are available for people to use depending on how they want their material used. You need to ensure you are attributing the correct license when using any Creative Commons material.

That’s why Open Attribute is so great. It does all the work for you. It’s still a work in progress but a fantastic idea nonetheless.

You will need to be using either Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera for the add-on to work. Once you’ve installed the add-on, each time you go to a page that has Creative Commons material on it, you will see a little symbol that looks like this on the right hand side in your address bar:

All you need to do is simply click on that symbol and the following drop down box will appear:

Select “Copy Attribution”

Choose whether you’d prefer HTML or Plain Text.

Plain Text looks like this: Work found at / Open Attribute ( / (

HTML looks like this: Work found at / Open Attribute /

And there you have it! All done for you. As I said, it’s a work in progress and the volunteers are working their way through a lot of pages to get the Creative Commons add-on available to users.

I know for certain that Flickr uses it. Do you know of any others?

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments.