Warm Up of the Week: Yes, Let’s!

Seeing as I posted about Theatre Sports and improvisation yesterday, I thought I would choose a warm-up game that works perfectly into some of the aspects needed in Theatre Sports.

In improvisation some of the most important concepts that need to be learnt include the idea of making offers and accepting and building on offers. By offering, accepting and adding in improvisation the scene is better able to progress and become more interesting and engaging.

This warm-up, Yes Let’s, really starts to get students thinking about making offers and accepting them.

  1. Have student’s stand in a circle.
  2. Move around the circle in a clockwise direction for the next lot of steps.
  3. Each person needs to come up with a simple action. They demonstrate that action to the group by saying, for example “Let’s brush our hair.”
  4. Everyone in the circle repeats “Yes, Let’s!” in unison and completes the action.
  5. Continue around the circle until everyone has had an opportunity to offer.

Simple but effective, I highly recommend this warm-up activity when starting any unit on improvisation or before beginning a Theatre Sports activity/game.


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