Warm-Up of the Week: Grandmother’s Footsteps

This week’s warm-up is a variation on an Augusto Boal game from his Arsenal of the Theatre of the Oppressed.

  1. One person (A) stands at one end of the room with their back to the rest of the group (B).
  2. The rest of the group (B) are in a line across the room.
  3. The group (B) must creep up to the person at the other end of the room who’s back is to the group (A).
  4. Each time (A) turns around (B) must freeze in whatever position they are in.
  5. If (A) spots someone from (B) moving they must point them out and call their name.
  6. (B) group members caught out must return to the back of the group.
  7. If anyone from (B) reaches (A) without them spotting them moving, they must tap them and run back to the starting line before (A) can reach them.
Simple as that!


  1. This is an excellent beginning point to one of my fave games “Steal Mel’s Fish” where there is a small ball or stuffed animal behind person A. The group then tries to steal the object and get it back to the start line. We play like red light/green light. Player A turns on red light and gets one guess as to who is holding the object. They need to be sneaky to get it back without getting caught.

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