Warm-Up of the Week: Murder Winks

This one is really fun🙂

1. One person waits outside the classroom.

2. The remaining student’s form a circle and close their eyes.

3. The teacher selects one student to be the murderer by squeezing them on the shoulder.

4. Everyone opens their eyes and the person waiting outside is let into the room and circle.

5. The person in the centre of the circle has three chances to guess who the murderer might be.

6. The murderer’s job is to wink at different people around the circle. As each person gets winked at they must die an active, dramatic death.

You might also like to try having the entire class guess who the murderer is rather than one particular student.

1 Comment

  1. This game was a really great game to warm my class up with they really enjoyed it , I decided to mix it up by having 2 of each and the murderers stick their tongues out as it is the only way for them to be able to stick their tongues out in my learning environment


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