Warm-Up of the Week: The God Game

This game is great for higher ability groups who are able to pick up on the complexities of the game.

1. Have everyone start in a circle.

2. The teacher in role becomes “God”. The person to his/her left hand side becomes “Hell.”

3. Give every student, moving in an anti-clockwise direction (from the teacher’s right all the way round the circle till you get to Hell), a number starting from one.

4. Begin the following rhythm: slap both thighs once, clap hands together once, two clicks together on both your right and left hand. Keep this rhythm going.

5. On the first click “God” says: “God” and then follows on the second click with another number from around the circle. So it goes something like, “God, six.”

6. By saying the second number “God” is passing on the rhythm to that person and on the next set of clicks they must then say their number first and then another number. So it goes something like, “Six, twelve.”

7. The aim of the game is to dethrone “God” and avoid “Hell”.

8. You end up in “Hell” if you don’t respond quickly enough after the rhythm has been passed to you.

Variations: You could change the names of “God” and “Hell” if you prefer. It’s also a great way of learning names in class. Rather than using the numbers you replace them with names.

It’s quite a tricky game because student’s have to think about the rhythm, listen and concentrate at being able to keep the rhythm going and not get caught out for being too slow. This really is a personal favourite of mine.



  1. Any other titles could work. For example, President/Prime Minister. I usually just use names and explain that the God seat is the most powerful position in the circle and the person to their left is in the least powerful position.

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