Will Schuester: The Pin-Up Boy for Arts Education

I’m not sure what the general consensus is about Glee amongst Drama Teachers out there but I have to say, I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s up there with my love of Mr G from Summer Height’s High.

I don’t just like Glee because of the catchy tunes but because of the way it portrays the Arts. Listen to what creator Ryan Murphy says in his acceptance speech at the 2010 Golden Globes:

I think Mr Schuester can sometimes get lost in the background amidst the kids singing and Sue Sylvester’s interfereing.

Almost every episode though, without fail you see Mr Schuester battling it out for something. Usually it’s something to do with money (or lack of it), respect for his role in managing the Glee Club from Principal Figgins or Sue Sylvester or simply boosting the kids confidences, pushing them along and making them perform regardless of their fears. I love his desire to want to be a better teacher, to find new and meaningful ways to engage the kids, the way he listens to other people’s suggestions and isn’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

When I watch it, most of the time, I just see me. Trying my best to get kids to do amazing things. Amazing, in that they probably wouldn’t have even thought to perform if they hadn’t taken my class.

I appreciate that the producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan have all worked so hard to make Mr Schuester, in my opinion, a really honest, realistic teacher (except for maybe the “let’s have a shot on Broadway” moment. But hey, it’s television! And teachers with a dream, you never know!)

So, here’s my plan: I want to use this little “expression of appreciation” as a way of also showing the power of teachers as a community online, particularly with our PLN’s and our Twitter-universe.

Help me try and get this post to reach the producers of Glee through the power of Twitter. Re-tweet this post and let’s tell the producers of Glee how much we appreciate they way they are portraying Arts educators on TV!

What are your thoughts on the portrayal of teachers on television? Share them in the comments below.

Image Credits: Matthew Morrison (Glee) / Allie from Vancity / http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/



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