Warm Up of the Week: Me, You!

This is a great warm-up when preparing to work on vocal delivery and looking at the varied ways we use our voices to convey emotion:

1. Begin in a circle.

2. One person (A) in the circle starts by saying, “Me” and pointing at themselves.

3. That same person (A) then finds someone else (B) in the circle, points at them, says “You!” and begins walking towards them.

4. Before that person (A) gets to (B), (B) must then say, “Me”, find someone else, point at them, begin walking towards them saying “You!”

5. This flows on with people moving from spot to spot.

6. Once student’s have got the hang of the exercise, call out an emotion in which they have to deliver the “Me, You” words.

7. At the conclusion of the game have a discussion about how people’s voice, walk and body language varied during the exercise when different emotions were called out.


  1. So VERY grateful to have found you and this blog. I am an English/ History trained teacher that is teaching Drama for the first time. While I have a degree in Theatre Production and I moonlight as a Balloon clown in holidays – I have very little clue for the practical acting side of drama. To make things even more challenging I have Yr 7 who have never done drama themselves!! Fun fun fun!!
    Needless to say we have some interesting moments :0)


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