Warm-Up of the Week: Chain Mime

This game is a bit like Chinese Whispers…

1. Split your class into groups of about 4-5.

2. One of the groups exits the classroom and lines up outside.

3. The group remaining in the classroom has to come up with a scenario that one of their group will perform. Keep it simple. Something like coming home from school and pouring a glass of juice.

4. The group in the classroom selects the member of the group who is going to perform the short scenario. The group watch them perform it and then sit down in the audience space.

5. The first member from the group outside comes in and sits in a chair. They then watch the group member selected to perform picking up on everything they are doing and saying.

6. The person who has come in from outside then stands up and performs what they saw and heard as close as possible to what was presented to them by the other group, to the next person who comes in from outside.

7. This continues until all the group members from outside has entered the room and performed.

8. The original member of the other group who started off the chain mime then performs again and the class discusses how the mime changed from the beginning to the end.

9. Switch the groups so that the student’s who were originally in the classroom coming up with the scenario are now outside waiting to be performed to.

We also tried this with everybody going outside and only one person coming up with the scenario. My class only has 12 students in it so it worked fairly well but I don’t think it would work so well with classes that are larger.



  1. If it is not suitable (safety or otherwise) for the second group to leave the room, they can stay in the space with their backs turned… after all it is mime, so there is no issue about overhearing.
    Just discovered your site. Very generous and terrific choice of TED talks. Thank you.

  2. This sounds like a really good game – I think I will be trying it with my drama group. I’m interested in doing some masked theatre work with them as well (I have already read your post on this) so if you have anymore info on this I would really appreciate it!

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