Warm-Up of the Week: Two Truths, One Lie

I’ve had a couple of prac student’s for the first time this year and they’ve introduced me to some fabulous warm-up games for student’s. I really liked this one that was played the other day. It’s a great ice-breaker amongst kids who may not know each other very well or when your student’s may not know you very well.

1. Form a circle.

2. Each person must then tell the group two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is not true about themself.

3. Try to get the student’s to mix up the truths and lies because otherwise it will be obvious to pick which one is the lie!

A really easy, fun warm-up game. It gets the kids being creative with their lies! Something I’m sure they’re all already quite good at😉


  1. I am an eighth and ninth grade Drama teacher in North Alabama. I use this game with new classes as an ice breaker. I also preface it with a few facts about body language. This is the first opportunity they get to be on stage, and they really get into this.

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