Warm-Up of the Week: Fly!

This year I’ve taken on pre-service teachers for the first time. I felt it was about time I started imparting some of what I’ve learned in my five years and also to keep developing my skills by learning from teachers who are connecting with new research and ideas at university. My current pre-service teacher taught me this warm-up game this week. Give it a whirl with your class.

1. Find a space in your classroom or outside that is long in length. A good 6-10 metres at least.

2. Use masking tape to mark out a serious of points from one end of the space to the other. Make sure they aren’t stuck down too tightly because they will be ripped up later on in the game.

3. Line the student’s up at one end of the space.

4. Student’s need to make their way from one end of the room to the other stepping between each marker using only one step.

5. Student’s are to observe the way in which they use their bodies to move between the gaps.

6. As the student’s become more confident, remove one of the markers so that certain gaps become wider. The student’s will need to change the length of their step and the way in which they prepare to reach each marker.

7. Speed up the pace with which each student goes through the markers and begin a process of elimination until there are only two student’s left. Eliminate student’s if they can’t make it to the next marker in one step.

8. The student who can “fly” through each marker in one step is the winner.

Student’s should notice how their steps change and the use of their bodies becomes bigger as they begin to “fly.”