The Websites & WebTools Every Drama Teacher Needs to Use in 2012

2011 was a huge learning curve for me in terms of networking and improving my teaching practice through the use of social media and blogging.

The resources and websites I have discovered as a result of all of this has been incredible. So that is why I’ve compiled a list of some of the cool things I’ve found out in the world of the Internet thanks to the kindness of others who have been willing to share what they know. You may like to try some of these with your classes this year. Some are useful for Drama others you may find beneficial to another colleague in your school.

So delve deep, jump in and see how much fun you and your student’s can have with some of these tools this year.


Ted Talks – Over 900 talks in a number of different languages from people wanting to spread ideas. Totally worth a look. I’ve blogged about TED here.

Goodreads – Social media for booklovers. A place to update your friends on what you’re reading and what you thought of it. Has potential in the classroom me thinks. I’ve blogged about Goodreads here.

Google Docs – Communal documents accesible from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Did someone say scriptwriting? Or class playbuilding? I’ve blogged about Google docs here.

Open Attribute – An easy add on to make sure you are accurately acknowleding Creative Commons sources. I’ve blogged about it here.

Compfight – A huge database containing great Creative Commons images. Links directly with Open Attirbute. – Find every play you need for class here. – Download and save any YouTube or other film clip you find on the net. Great if you’re stuck for Internet connection. I’ve blogged about it here.

School Tube – Share what’s going on at your school here. A great alternative to YouTube. I’ve blogged about it here.

Shows for Schools – A fantastic database to help you find the right show to perform or see with your kids.

Drama Matters –  A new blog that looks at the direction of Arts Education in Australia and abroad.

Technology & Arts Education Wiki – Great links and ideas for teaching drama. Join wikispaces to contribute.

The Arts – NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre – NSW teachers would be well versed in this site but I highly recommend it to any interstate and overseas teachers.

National Theatre i-Tunes Podcasts – A fantastic selection of podcasts all about making theatre from one of the world’s most well respected theatre companies. Now also available on iTunesU.

The Drama Teacher’s Wiki – A collection of drama games compiled by drama teachers. Join wikispaces to contribute.


Fakebook – Create imaginary profile pages for the characters you are studying.

Class Dojo – Manage your classes with the help of technology.

Edmodo – A communication platform similar to Facebook. Add assignments, links and clips. Join communities.

Animoto – A video slideshow maker with music.

Popplet – A brainstorming tool.

qwiki – Search it to find quick answers to quick questions.

Storybird – Create short stories with students and find the artwork to match. Just beautiful.

Vimeo – A video sharing site.

Slideshare – A powerpoint sharing site.

Scoop It – Create your own digital magazine. Way cool.

Vistaprint – Cheap teacher tools at your fingertips.

EduTeacher – A database to find more web resources and tools if you haven’t already.

Khan Academy – Lots of great clips for maths and science teachers here. I’ve blogged about it here.

Prezi – A funky way to create presentations.

Got any more web tools or resources that you would love to share? Comments appreciated.

Image Credit: seventh sense / woodleywonderworks / CC BY 2.0



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  2. The National Theatre website also has an AMAZING virtual backstage tour – i plugged year 11 into headphones into computers and didn’t hear a peep for an entire double, they didn’t want to leave and go to lunch!

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