Daring to Share Our Dramatics Online

I’ve blogged about my foray into student blogging before (here and here). It was a mild success for me last year with more than half the class creating their own personal online logbooks or “blogbooks” as I now call them. They weren’t diligently maintained however. Nor was the class blog that was linked to them.

With a little reflection and a redefined direction I am relaunching the class blog this term with a new plan of attack for how to post on the class blog and the expectations for the student blogs.

The class blog will be simplified. I think initially I had huge, grandiose ideas in my head thinking that there would be a mammoth amount of work required to maintain it. In reality though, blogs grow naturally, so however small or simply they begin, they will flourish and change with time. So in the end, it really doesn’t matter what I start with. It’s a blank canvas that needs paintaing.

I knew that it was about sharing our work in drama class with the intention of connecting with other classes. That is what I have done. Both Year 10 and Year 12 are in the process of devising their Group Performance. We will share photos and stories from our lessons. The school community have been informed about it through our school newsletter and I will let them know through our school Facebook page as well. I will also encourage my own Twitter followers to head on over, have a look and comment.

The individual blogbooks will represent each individual’s participation in the group project. What scenes and ideas they have had, what problems they have encountered and how they solved them, all the while thinking about their digital citizenship and their need to remember that their blog is public and has the intention of informing and assisting others with their understanding of Drama.

So. Drumroll please. May I present…

St Clair High Drama: Daring to Share Our Dramatics Online

Head on over and write us a welcome comment!

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