Creating Creative Connections

To be honest I don’t recall how it all began.

In the holidays I tweeted about how excited I was to be using Skype for the first time. I posted about my first Skype chat here.

I’d been thinking of using it for some time personally with the big picture intention of getting it into my classroom, my student’s would be using it and would be connecting with schools overseas.

I posted my story about Mazz and her theatre project in Ecuador on Twitter and @LMSDrama responded with some encouraging feedback about the post. It was from there that we got into a conversation about my ideas for connecting classrooms through Skype and blogging.

@LMSDrama said, “Have you ever tried Google + Hangouts?” I hadn’t. I’d signed up for Google + when I was invited by a colleague at school, had a bit of a play on the site and kind of left it alone. I felt like I was drowning in social media and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it all.

It was the holidays and I had some time up my sleeve so I decided to experiement. It was trial and error and my out of date hardware let me down so we ended up using Skype but I think we’ve landed on something pretty exciting.

So far we’ve had two “Hangouts” on Skype. First it was just the two of us. Then we had to try to invite a colleague along to join us at our next chat. We sorted out the timezone differences and amazingly we conduct the chat on two different days. Our initial session was a half hour “get to know you chat” and we decided at our second session to bring some questions or ideas to discuss.

This week we had our second session. We have decided to:

  • Create a monthly Drama “Hangout” using Google + to talk about issues and ideas in Drama.
  • Create a Drama Teacher’s Edmodo Group to help us facilitate our “Hangouts” and other resources.
  • Connect our schools using our class blogs, videoconferencing and Skype.

Pretty amazing, huh? It’s amazing what can happen when you have enthusiastic people willing to drive a new initiative in your school.

The night before I had tweeted out of desperation, for someone who would be willing to join me for the chat. @KerriDrama, who I had already been in contact with about joining class blogs, let me know she was keen. Then @Theatresaurus got involved too. Within the space of about half an hour our chat group had doubled.

Now we are awaiting our next chat and hope that we can encourage more of you wonderful Drama Teachers out there to join us.

So if you’re keen, we will be conduting our next Drama Chat on:

Tuesday 15th May, 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time

If you want to check what time that will be for you, head on over to this site.

NB: Google Hangouts can only host nine users at one time. If we get more than that we will resend amended details.

 Leave us a comment to let us know if you would like to join us and I will contact you with the details. Email is easy, Twitter is even easier.

If you are a Twitter user, be sure to use the hashtag #dramateachers or #tweatre at the end of your tweets so we can keep track of all your drama goodness.

Hopefully we will see you at our next chat.

Image Credit: εntropy ≥ mεmory . crεatıvıty ², jef safi, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)