The Theatre in the 21st Century

After a much needed break over Christmas I have started to prepare for the new year ahead. I have Year 9 and Year 11 this year.

In preparing for Year 11 I have looked over my scope and sequence, program and resource booklet that I use. I like to do this every time I am preparing for a unit because there are always things that you learn to do better or differently once you’ve actually taught a program.

I’ve blogged about my Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles unit on The Theatre of the Absurd before (you can find it here) and I’ve also shared a post with you about a context activity that I teach in this unit about Theatre History. In revising the activity I was looking over the information available for the 21st Century. What does theatre look like in the 21st Century?

In having a search around on the web I came across this lecture presented by Rod Carley. This resource is long but can be used in two ways:

a) If you are looking for a visual/aural version of theatre history, perhaps in addition to the timeline that I’ve blogged about before, the first half of this lecture is very good for that.

b) The last 20 minutes has some views on the theatre now and in the future. The student’s ask questions at the end which may be a good place to start a discussion.

It is useful but also positive in that it certainly reassured me that theatre has a place and will continue to hold its own in the future.