Attempting a Director’s Concept

The other week I posted a writing scaffold for writing a Director’s Concept. I mentioned that I had learnt a lot more about this area from having completed a Directing for the Stage course at NIDA. I wanted to share with you some of the photos of my concept that I had to pitch to the class for the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.

It was a tricky play to come up with a concept for because there is the element of fate and whether or not everything that happened in the play was determined by it or not. We needed to each decide what our view was on that. With the added pressure of working full time there was little time to give the piece much thought. So it forced me to trust my gut.

I went with the idea of using ice throughout the set (we had an unlimited budget). I was working from the idea that we needed tangible verbs to explain our concept. I looked at what ice symbolised and how I could link it to the concept. I then had to build a set model. It was interesting to see how people interpreted my idea because what I was thinking in my head is not what people saw! Suffice to say, my tutor made some “edits” to the concept and what I ended up with was the last picture. A white box. Representing a block of ice that melts as the show progresses.

The lesson I took from devising my own concept was to move away from using symbol and instead find a metaphor. The tension that would be created through the use of the block of ice would be far more engaging than what I had originally which was rather dream like and fantastical. April 2013 057

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