Warm Up of the Week: Streets & Alleys

First off, I wanted to apologise for not posting in some weeks. I haven’t had the Internet at my house for about 3 weeks. I’ve been upgrading and as you can imagine, telecommunications companies are somewhat special. In saying that though, now everything is roaring to go and working fantastically. So I thought I’d share a little game that I hadn’t played in a while with my students. It’s an old one but a good one. It’s also known as “Cat & Mouse.” This game is best played with a large group.

1. One students volunteers to be the Cat, another is the Mouse.

2. The other students in the class line up in rows, one behind the other. The rows should have an equal number of students in each. Each row should be separated by about a metre or so. The students put their arms up, touching hands with the person next to them. These become the streets.

3. The Cat starts at one side of the streets the mouse at the other.  The Cat must tip the Mouse but can only move between the streets. Any cutting through walls is not allowed.

4. The Teacher at any time can call out “alleys.” All the students in the rows can turn to their left, creating the alleys with their hands touching the person in front of them rather than the person next to them.

I have lots planned for the blog in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.



  1. I love this as a warm up – and also the ‘bump’ version of Cat and Mouse. Let me know if you want a run down of how-to! Used both of them last week with my 13/14 year old class (Yr 9 in NZ). We are devising and were looking at physical ways of representing a menacing forest, worked beautifully.

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