Warm-Up of the Week: I Feel The Spirit!

There are a couple of great groups on Facebook (aside from The Drama Teacher’s Network 😛 ) that you may be interested in joining, if in fact, you have Facebook. In particular they are:

  • Drama Teachers and Those Interested in Drama Education
  • D4LC – Drama For Learning and Creativity
  • Drama Peeps

All three are well worth checking out with lots of suggestions and sharing of ideas for the classroom.

It was whilst I was checking them out that someone was looking for a warm-up game that was going to get their kids feeling energised. I immediately thought of a game that I hadn’t played in a while and that I hadn’t shared on the blog so I knew once I’d shared it with the group, I had to share it with you, my readers!

1.  Begin in a circle.

2. One person enters the circle and becomes the “Preacher.” They begin by shouting, “I feel the spirit!”

3. The group shouts back “I feel the spirit!”

4. The “Preacher” then shouts back, “I feel the spirit in my _________” Insert name of body part. The Preacher then moves that body part.

5. The rest of the group then repeat, “I feel the spirit in my _________” and the action.

The preacher/congregation style should get bigger and more passionate as each student gets a turn. Think of those amazing church preachers who are so passionate about sharing they get right into it.

This is a really fun game to boost energy and get physical! A must before your cast and crew are about to go on stage for their first show.



  1. NICE! I may change Preacher to ‘Coach” …in a school situation we have to be careful about any nuance of religion (i know, ridiculous)….

  2. I have modified this warm up to involve Gibberish for my Theatresports unit. The kids love it… they all come up for a replacement Gibberish sentence to repeat before they create their own unique action with a gibberish word to describe it… it can be very enjoyable.

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