HSC Drama Prescriptions 2015-2017

Keep Calm and Get Excited

Get excited people! The new prescriptions are here! At first glance there has been a fair amount of reshuffle. New stimulus words for the Group Performance and Ruby Moon is gone from Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice (although I will still post my lesson ideas because we could use them in Year 11!). Still Angela and A Beautiful Life  have also gone (only Stolen remains). Irish and American Drama, Brecht, Site Specific and Event Theatre are gone, replaced by Multi-Discipline Theatre, Japanese Traditional and Contemporary Theatre, Verbatim Theatre in Australia (not just Verbatim Theatre) and Significant Plays of the 20th Century.

So, what do you think? I am sure everyone is going to have lots of fun planning great new units and purchasing resources with our budgets.

These changes are effective for Year 12 students beginning the HSC at the end of 2014 and finishing it in 2015. These texts can all change or in part every three years.

You can find the PDF document from the NSW Board of Studies here. Happy reading!

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  1. Hi,
    I am just taking over a maternity block for Year 12 Drama and the teacher is letting me decide what I want to do.This is my first time teaching drama since Uni. I’m hoping to work with what she already has here which is The Laramie Project however I am not sure what would go with this for the Significant Plays of the 20th Century any ideas?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  3. Cool Jess. I’m pretty swamped at the moment as it is report writing time. Hopefully once that eases up I can get some time to read them. I didn’t get a chance in the holidays either as much as I wanted to get them read! I had other school stuff I needed to do! I definitely will post about it as soon as my time is freed up.

  4. I’ve just read Neighbourhood Watch, it was quite good. I’m halfway through Fearless which is quite different. Lots of singing! I would love to discuss these if anyone has read them.

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  6. I feel the same, guys! The programme I am most proud of is my Ruby Moon/Stolen programme! I would love to get ideas of what play can work best with ‘Stolen’. I’m leaning towards ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ or ‘Life Without Me’, but would love to hear other ideas. I’m very happy to share resources too!

    I’m thinking of doing the 20th century plays option for the other unit….

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  8. Oh, Gabrielle, I see your dilemma.

    I must admit I do feel a tad the same (because I’ve worked so hard on my Ruby Moon/Stolen and Verbatim units. Verbatim I only started teaching for the first time last year) but I am looking on the bright side and thinking to myself that I will be able to use the texts in Yr 11. A couple of the others cross over into new topics so I’m trying to think positively about the upcoming workload!

    Don’t despair you will be able to rework your programs somewhere. Having been through one change of Course Prescriptions already I do know how you feel but it will all work out.

  9. This depresses me beyond words! I am teaching yr 12 this year for the first time. I have had to purchase Ruby Moon this year for the 20 students I have plus write all new programs all never previously taught in our school. I am the only drama teacher in our school so have no support. Also having to coordinate new curriculum programs for stage 5 as well as all new prescriptions for stage 6. So no, I see nothing to get excited about.

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