Warm-Up of the Week: The Name Game

For many us we are in the first few weeks with our new classes and we are taking the opportunity to play fun little warm up games in order to start building a safe, fun learning environment and one in which everyone knows each others names! I was introduced to this one through a program I was given by my colleague who in turn received it from another colleague of ours Anthony Q. Many thanks to him for this.

1. Begin my having students walk around the room in neutral.

2. At different points call out a number. Students must then make a group with that many people in it.

3. Once they have formed the group, they must say their name. E.g “I’m Emily.”

4. Once each person has said their name, the whole group must chant everyone’s name together at the same time. E.g “Emily, Sarah, Kate, Tom.”

5. As the group becomes more confident, ask them to add an action or movement to use as they are saying their name. Everyone in the group must then chant the name and copy the action.

6. Bring the class together into one large circle. Go around the circle and have each student walk into the centre of the circle, complete their action and say their name and then walk back. You could get everyone in the class to copy the name and action just like they did in their small groups as a further variation to the exercise.

This exercise really encourages movement, energy and characterisation.



  1. Hey… just wondering why exactly are you messaging me this stuff? would you like me to incorporate it into study somehow? sorry to sound like a complete nave idiot 🙂 hope you’re having a lovely day!! ________________________________________

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