Warm-Up of the Week: Beach, Boat, Bank

This is such a fun game to play! Try this one for an energetic classroom warm-up to get the blood going on these ever chillier mornings!

1. Have the class line up along one side of the room. They are all facing the same direction. This is the “beach.”

2. Next, have the whole line move forward to the centre of the classroom. This is the “boat.”

3. Finally, have the whole line move forward again to the other side of the classroom. This becomes the “bank.”

4. Repeat the positions but for each position the students must come up with a frozen position which represents that they are on either a “beach, boat or bank.” Try also to incorporate level. So, for example, when on the beach the frozen action may be lying down and sun baking. When on the boat they may be standing and looking through binoculars or pulling up an anchor.

5. Once the students have worked out their frozen positions the teacher then calls out either “beach”, “boat”, or “bank” in any order. The last person to get to the correct part of the room and in their frozen position is out.



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