What Does Your Dream Professional Development Day Look Like?

I’ve got an idea that I’m ruminating on. First, though, I want to here your thoughts. In the side bar is a new poll:

If you were offered free, online, small group professional development, what would you want it to be on?

I would be interested to know your thoughts so please take a few seconds to vote.

I have offered some suggestions in the poll but if you have anything in particular that you really think should be offered as PD please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sometimes I find the PD that is offered does not really hit the spot. Plus, it’s expensive and administration won’t always let you go. Oh, and you may even have to give up your weekend to do it.

So many of you are very generous in following this blog so I’d really like to know what you need as a teacher and how I can better provide for those needs.

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  1. HI there,

    I found your blog and it is really interesting. I have been looking through it. I am writing you to ask for advice.

    I have four years teaching experience (Drama and Dance) in an IB International School in Turkey. At the same time, I am pursuing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction while teaching.

    I have a Bachelors degree in Theatre (from Canada) and several years professional experience in theatre and dance. In addition to my IB teaching experience I have other drama teaching experience as well.

    I am looking at options to teach drama and/or dance in other schools in Europe. I am trying to assess my options and would be grateful for your help.

    I have two questions:

    1) I heard there are some schools that can consider teachers with no formal certification, where they are looking for experience, passion, educational philosophy, track record, other studies (like Masters), etc. Do you have any suggestions of where to find these schools or which schools in particular are like this?

    2) How can I acquire a teaching certificate that is recognized internationally? I am looking for a program where I can I apply my Masters courses credits towards a teaching certificate.

    Thank you for any advice and help that you can offer.

    Happy New Year

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