An Offer For You…

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to open my email and find a large number of notifications for new followers to the blog. I was overwhelmed and felt extremely grateful that many of you have felt this blog is a place that you can get information to support you with your teaching. From this gesture you have shown me, I feel very motivated to continue to deliver free content for teachers whenever I am able to. Thank you for this lovely reminder.

To all my followers, new and old, may I encourage you to also join the community over on Facebook. There are so many teachers who have a lot to share. I encourage you to look at the Posts to Page section.

I was also contacted recently by Andy from The National Theatre who has let me know about their upcoming Drama Teacher Conference. It sounds AWESOME. I wish I could go!

So. If you are in the UK, you are a follower of this blog and have also joined the Facebook group (see the link over at the right hand side of the page) AND you want to go on some fabulous PD (I mean, with guests like Alecky Blythe who wouldn’t?) you could enjoy a £50 discount on the cost of attending both days of the conference. For more information see the flyer below, check out the link that I mentioned above or contact Andy at and let him know you are a member of this great community.

For those followers not in the UK, please enjoy this gift of inspiration from Alan Rickman 🙂

Alan Rickman

Have a lovely, restful weekend drama teachers.

The National Theatre Teacher Professional Development Flyer