Theatre of the Absurd Workshop Series

Since my honest post a couple of months ago I have been very grateful for the many positive comments and messages of support for the blog. So, thank you very much. I am timidly returning to regular blogging and share this with you today.

I often receive emails of support, encouragement and requests for resources.

One of the most viewed sections on the blog is the lesson ideas for teaching the Theatre of the Absurd. It’s a tricky theatrical style to break down and teach. Over the years I’ve scaffolded and scaffolded so that finally I have a workshop series that seems to capture the essence of Absurdism. I often end up emailing this to various people who message me with resource requests which is quite often. So, to make it a little easier on me and you, I’ve added it to this blog post today or you can find it on my Resources page (click on the link in the left hand tool bar). It should be used in conjunction with these suggested teaching strategies: Absurdism 1 and Absurdism 2.

I’ve recorded a short video to explain how to read the table. You can check it out below but it is also available at my YouTube channel.

Here is the Workshop Series – The Theatre of the Absurd PDF referenced in the instructional video.

A little reminder: These resources are not designed for assignments or assessments for University students. If you wish to use these resources for this purpose please send me an email requesting permission.




  1. Good morning,

    I just wanted to say thanks. Your blog is great and usually the first place I go when looking at new units.

    I commend you for admitting you are lacking motivation. There is nothing abnormal about that. It is high time others took what you do for granted. I can only imagine how much hard work and hours of your time you have devoted to it..

    I thank you sincerely and congratulate you on you tremendous achievement.

    Take a bow, take a break and give your self a pap on the back.

    I for one applaud you.

    Hope to one day catch up in person where I will shout you a coffee and muffin or a chilled glass of wine.

    Yours in admiration,

    Sarah Jane Nerva Drama teacher in Roma Qld

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