About Me

My name is Karla and I am a Drama/English teacher at a comprehensive, co-educational high school in Sydney, NSW, Australia. I work as a teacher to build awareness and passion in children and the community for the subject of Drama which I love.

My Philosophy 

Teaching for me is about providing students with experiences and opportunities that they may not otherwise have if they didn’t come to school. It is also about developing life skills in a safe environment, which I believe, Drama is particularly of benefit. Johnny’s trip to the theatre, his participation in the musical, his creation of an original performance with others, may be the only thing he ever remembers about Drama because it was something that he had never done before and may never do again. These experiences and opportunities, I hope, will help Johnny and others to grow and become independent, intelligent young members of our society.

My Blog

However, I know the realities of my philosophy compete with other pressures from within the school system as well as our personal lives (goodness are we allowed to have those as teachers?) I know many of us are often the only ones in our departments teaching Drama. This has meant that often I, and I’m sure you, have felt quite isolated and lacking in ideas and motivation to keep ploughing on or to try something new.

Thus the creation of the Drama Teacher’s Network. A Professional Learning Network (PLN) is something I feel is invaluable and absolutely necessary for a teacher these days so that is why I created this blog. It is designed to connect me with other drama teachers and them to each other so that we can share ideas about various aspects to do with teaching Drama and perhaps not feel quite so alone. I do feel, that many other teachers from primary schools or other teaching areas, may benefit from the thoughts and opinions shared on this blog also. Some things about teaching are simply universal are they not?

And the Rest…

In my spare time I enjoy looking after my health and well-being through exercise and organic, sustainable cooking and eating, going to the theatre, pottering around my house and neighbourhood, reading, traveling, discovering new places and people, watching movies and spending time with friends and family. Putting my feet up with a good cup of tea (of which I have a rather large collection) never goes astray either.

I have disabled comments at this present time. If you wish to contact me regarding a post please use the contact form below.



  1. Hello there, Karla–
    I found your blog today and can wholeheartedly agree that a supportive online network for drama teachers is a wonderful idea! I am a playwright and youth drama director, with middle school students (ages 10 to 14) being my very favorite to direct on stage. I’ve just launched a website, http://www.funmiddleschoolplays.com, that I hope will be a valuable resource for all drama teachers. It features all of the plays I have written and directed as well as some advice for how to transform many of them into a fantastic fundraiser. There is a collection of free comedy skits that can be downloaded as well as lots of advice and encouragement for a new director. Hopefully you have a few minutes to check it out.
    Best of luck with your future endeavors!

  2. Hi Karla
    I’m studying to become a drama teacher with Charles Sturt University. I’m doing a Bachelor of Teaching secondary with a drama major and haven’t studied for 25 years. I have found your site very helpful and wanted to congratulate you on it.
    Many thanks Catherine

  3. Hi Karla, I found your page while searching for information regarding HSC group performances and thought you may be able to advise me on on my situation. Do you have another way I can contact you rather than posting here.
    Thanks Joan

  4. Hi Karla- I’m a retired teacher from Ottawa Canada who used drama as a teaching tool in my classroom! Loved the results and started writing plays with the students. Now I offer to write short drama scripts and plays for teachers on a particular theme and make the many plays that I wrote available on my website: wwwkidsfunwithdrama.com Drama introduces topics and brings them to life. It also raises questions at the end of a unit or theme and can have huge impact on students’ thinking and actions.

    Lovely to visit your site… Thanks for your passion for drama in the classroom!

  5. Your suggestion list helped me a lot with auditions! But Im stuck, I cant seem to find a good monologue for my upcoming audition for Stage Door. Can you suggest anything? I’d like Kaye Hamilton or Terry Randall. Please save me a little.

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  8. Hi Karla,

    I am not a drama teacher but I am working in Japan as assistant English language teacher. After executing many warm-up games over the course of 2 years and 3 months here, I am officially running out of ideas. Today I decided to look up more warming up activities so I Googled and stumbled upon your blog. I love your blog’s layout and colours. It is very easy to read. Today, I tried one of your warm up activity, two truths and one lie. Our third year students loved it. Despite their shyness in speaking up, they all tried and wrote down their two truths and one lie on the whiteboard for others to guess. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!


  9. Hi Karla,

    I just wanted to ask you how you felt about having a curriculum and how it impacts upon your teaching; does it mean Drama gets more recognition and does the curriculum mean you are restricted in what you want to do in any sense? Also, how does it impact upon assessment and how do you conduct your assessment?



  10. Hey! Thank you. A general comment on your thoughts about the curriculum in Australia would be welcomed! I also wondered if having a curriculum meant you had more recognition as a subject and do you find it restricts your teaching or creativity in any way?
    Thank you!

  11. Hi Sara,

    I’m happy to answer your questions. Did you have set questions you would like me to ask or would you prefer a general comment? I’m no expert on the UK National Curriculum but I have thoughts on ours here in Australia. Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

  12. Hey Karla,

    I’ve been following your blog from the UK for a while now and I love it – Thank You! I am currently training to be a Drama teacher in England and am researching an essay to do with issues in Drama Education, namely the subjects relation (or lack of!) to the national curriculum in England. As a Drama teacher in Australia – where I understand you have a curriculum for Drama – I just wanted to ask you how you felt about it and how it impacts upon your teaching; does it mean Drama gets more recognition and does the curriculum mean you are restricted in what you want to do in any sense? I hope you don’t mind answering these!



  13. Experiential examples can include: any workshops that you do in class, performances that you see, examples from the textbook. They are the practical exercises that you have done that help you to understand and show insight into what you have learnt in Drama. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  14. Hi Kayla
    Congratulations on your site. It’s a wonderful resource. If anyone’s interested I’ve just had a piece published and available on australianplays.org called ‘Dreams In Crowded Rooms” that would be suitable for a female HSC student. Another of my pieces called ‘The Second Coming’ is also available there and would suit a male student. Kind regards Michael Lill

  15. Hi Karla
    I like your blog! Thanks for taking time for drama!

    I’m a retired teacher from Canada. I used drama as a teaching tool in my classes and published a few of the plays my classes wrote together!

    Since retirement I have written more plays sometimes on request from teachers! Have a look at my short video on You Tube and on my Facebook page as well as my website http://www.kidsfunwithdrama.com and enjoy! I hope to follow your blog from time to time!

    Cheers! Margaret

  16. This is a lovely blog!! Absolutely fantastic! I would love to chat with you and share what we’re doing here in Mumbai. But could you also tell me what you found out about qualifications for teaching drama within the education system in Australia?

  17. Hey Karla! Great blog with very useful content! Thank you for sharing!

    I’ve recently started a blog writing about theatre/drama games which are part of theatre pedagogy/drama in education and I address to all those adult people who want to do something creative as a hobby and may like to be involved in drama games in an amateur level.

    Cause drama games games are also for grown-ups!

    Through my blog, I intend to inform about all the various dimensions of theatre games, the way they are based on theatre itself, and their key benefits, as well as to share personal experience from the past four years that I participate in a Theatre Games Workshop.

    I would really like to hear your insights!

  18. hi karla,
    i m a drama student. thank u so much for the blog. i m working on developing sector & i m using theatre for development. i love to do this type work. as i m new worker that’s yi thing ur blog will help me to develop my skill. so thank u so much 😀

  19. Hi Allison,
    How exciting that you are coming to Australia. I think you will love it here. I am working with a couple of people at the moment who had to go through a bit of a process to be able to teach in a government school here. I will speak to them and then get back to you. Many thanks for your kind thoughts about the blog.

  20. Hi Karla! I love this blog you have created. It’s beautiful in many ways. I wanted to reach out. I’m going to get my working visa and travel there in October. I am a theatre teaching artist for 7th grade girls and also a teaching artist for Elementry school demographic. I only have my undergraduate degree in theatre but do not have education graduate level background. In your country, is it possible for me to get a job as a theatre teaching artist as it is in my home, Colorado? I also work for a non profit for women where to teach girls play writing and I am thinking about taking that program there. Just a few thoughts that I am trying to wrap my head around before I apply for my work visa. Thank you so much!

  21. Hi David,

    Wow, great questions! As far as I am aware the IB is the most internationally recognised teaching qualification. That being said, you can only teach in IB schools, teaching the IB curriculum, wherever they may be in the world. If you want to teach in the comprehensive, public system of any country they usually, and I know this is the case here in Australia, require you to do a sort of “probation period” in a school that has positions vacant in your subject area. I am currently working with two international teachers who had to do this. Your qualifications should be recognised as part of this process. I do believe there are schools that accept teachers with no formal qualifications. Here in Australia I believe that is mostly in what we call our “private” system. If you are looking for a position like that consider looking at schools that are independent of the government or run by the church. I am not sure which universities accept Masters qualifications. You will have to ask specific universities. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog. K.

  22. HI there,

    I found your Blog and it is really fascinating to see this commitment to drama!
    I would be grateful to have some advice if you have time.

    I have four years teaching experience (Drama and Dance) in an IB International School in Turkey. At the same time, I am pursuing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction while teaching.

    I have a Bachelors degree in Theatre (from Canada) and several years professional experience in theatre and dance. In addition to my IB teaching experience I have other drama teaching experience as well.

    I am looking at options to teach drama and/or dance in other schools in Europe. I am trying to assess my options and would be grateful for your help.

    I have two questions:

    1) I heard there are some schools that can consider teachers with no formal certification, where they are looking for experience, passion, educational philosophy, track record, other studies (like Masters), etc. Do you have any suggestions of where to find these schools or which schools in particular are like this?

    2) How can I acquire a teaching certificate that is recognized internationally? I am looking for a program where I can I apply my Masters courses credits towards a teaching certificate.

    Thank you for any advice and help that you can offer.

    Happy New Year

  23. I think you could link this to differentiation of curriculum to students with different learning styles…..the inclusive nature of the warm up brings students into the trust circle needed to get to the next phase of whatever drama task you propose. Differentiation is a hot topic in NSW and Australian schools at the moment and no doubt is an issue in other places.


  24. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for taking the time to connect and comment. I’m presuming you probably have to narrow your project down to a question of some sort that you need to try to answer? If not, perhaps that could be a way to go about it.

    So for example: How do warm-ups prepare a student for the remainder of a drama lesson?
    How is a student’s self confidence influenced by a warm up?

    It could encompass self and peer reflection, observation and other forms of written response that you could use as data for your writing.

    I can email you if you like and we can discuss it further if that would help you some more.


  25. Hi Karla, so nice to have found this site and thank you for all that you do here!
    I am working as a Drama Assistant at an international school here in Hong Kong where I live with my husband and daughter. I need only to complete an Action Research project so that I can fulfill my Master’s Degree this Spring of 2015. I have been giving permission to apply this to our middle school drama classes but I’m trying to figure out what to narrow it down to. I have a few ideas that involve warm ups at the beginning of the class and do they help or not help the student gain more self confidence. I’d appreciate any thoughts that you might have…..IF you have time to reflect. Again, thank you for your wonderful blog, it is greatly appreciated! Lori

  26. Hi, Karla, I’m not an official drama teacher, but I am an actor/writer/speaker and I help a friend of mine with her youth theater group, so I was looking for warm up activities and found your blog! I’m so happy I did. Thanks for all the good stuff you post. One thing, I got the confirmation email to cofirm that I want to follow you but when I clicked the link I didn’t see that anything happened so I hope I got confirmed. Thanks again for your generosity! Terry

  27. Hi Penelopixie,

    I hear you! Reports are upon me also. As is marking so I am feeling rather swamped. I am glad the blog is useful to you. Let me know if you after anything in particular and I will try my very best to write a post about it. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog. I really appreciate it.

  28. Hello all
    My name is michael and I am a playwright and former drama teacher. I know how hard it can be to find hsc drama monologues so I am writing to invite you to have a look at my work on australianplays.org. There is a monologue there called Fruit and Nuts which may be of interest to your female students. I will have a series of monologues available soon.
    Kind regards

  29. Oh thank goodness I found you!!!
    I made the big switch from kindergarten to high school in January and have been floundering around as I try to remember everything I learned at drama school a hundred years ago. And then forget it so that I can teach it to teenagers!
    I cannot wait to explore your blog – just as soon as I get these reports done…

  30. Karla,
    Your blog as really assisted me as I begin my practice. I would love to be apart of a online community.
    I have found that teaching can some what be a lonely experience but knowing that I can jump on and have a chat, have a look what you are doing I have really benefited so thank-you!

  31. Alicia needs a good in-service or Professional Learning day to help her see how helpful drama is to teach other stuff as well.
    In addition…..a good text like Navigating Drama which has lots of activities that would help. I suspect she is in the US though and may not have access to such things.

  32. I teach band and biology at my middle school. Until recently I taught choir, but due to lack of student interest the class has been dropped and I have been told that I will be teaching theater/arts and I am to make the class fun. I took one drama class in 7th grade and hated it. I do not want to teach the class as I have no background and feel that the students are not going to get what they signed up for. I have nothing in the way of materials and I do not have the funds personally to buy anything. I don’t even know what to do in the way of grading these students, who are a very difficult bunch behaviorally. Is there anything you can suggest so I can get started (in less than a week) as I just found out 2 days ago that this class is being added.

    thank you.


  33. Hi Karla,
    So excited to discover your webpage, I’m an elementary Drama teacher in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.
    Love to read all your wonderful suggestions and ideas, I teach Kindergarten to Fifth grade (5yr. olds-11yr. olds).
    I hope we can exchange ideas,
    best regards,

  34. Hi Karla,
    This blog is really useful and informative. I am the only Drama teacher at my school and it is really good to see that I am on the right track! About to take my first year 12 class through with the new prescriptions so your HSC stuff is great.


  35. Hi, Karla! So glad to have stumbled upon your site. I have written a book of four short plays for children to produce. It is great for teachers of theatre, and parents of burgeoning theatre artists. I would greatly appreciate a shout-out if you get the opportunity! Link is below…Thanks!
    Zack Rouse
    Portland, OR USA


  36. Hi Karla, what a fabulous blog you’ve created. I have just been looking through your ‘monologue suggestions’, and wonder if you know about a collection called ‘No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames’? It’s written by playwrights’ company 7-On (seven well-regarded mid-career Australian playwrights – including myself!), specifically for HSC students. Each monologue is accompanied by notes and research prompts. Another 7-On member is Ned Manning, who taught at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts for 20 years (and is the author of ‘Playground Duty’, a must-read for all drama teachers!). We’ve been trying to get the word out about ‘No Nudity’ to school libraries, and obviously to drama teachers.
    You can find out more here: https://www.federationpress.com.au/bookstore/book.asp?isbn=9781862878778
    And more about 7-On here:
    If your school doesn’t have a copy, I’d be happy to send you one as a gift.
    All best,
    Hilary Bell.

  37. Hi Karla!

    I’m a talent sourcer at About.com, and I’m wondering whether you might be interested in freelancing with us as a Plays/Drama writer. If interested, I can give you more information about content, compensation, and expectations.

    Please email me: afisher (at) about (dot) com

    Thanks so much!

  38. Love your blog! This is my first year teaching elementary drama! I teach K-5! I would love to be friends with you and compare notes! Just started second semester and now teaching majors as well! I plan to use your survey. I wondered if you had any ideas about consequences for those that don’t want to participate and continually interrupt the process? I teach in the inner city so it is a rough neighborhood and a lot of challenges. I do have a “hot seat,” area I send those that don’t want to cooperate but I really don’t have anything for them to do except watch, which sometimes do work. Any ideas??


  39. Wendy, thank you. How generous of you to do that. I’m glad it has been helpful. If there is anything else you need let me know and I will try to write a post about it. It’s absolutely wonderful making connections with enthusiastic teachers from around the world and a fellow tea lover also.

  40. I am so darn excited to find you way over here in Alberta Canada in the snowy mountains! I have been teaching drama at highschool ( 15 – 17 yr olds) for 13 yrs and am always searching for new inspiration and people to connect with in our little community! I am forwarding your blog to other drama teachers in our division and can’t wait to find out more about you ( and our love of tea! ). Thank you for being a great find on the web this morning before class!

  41. Hi Angie,

    I had to have a real think about this after you posted it because I’m not quite sure how to answer to be honest so I apologize for not replying sooner.

    In the times that I have taught Commedia we’ve never delved into the sexuality of the characters. There isn’t a need. We focus more on the slapstick comedy aspect which can be done without sexual implications.

    I always teach my students to be mindful of their audience when devising and consider possible reactions from the audience about the content. Ultimately though, that responsibility should lie with the teacher if content is inappropriate for the school community.

    I would advise that if your daughter feels uncomfortable at any point she should raise it with her teacher and any concerns you have should also be raised with the teacher. Get them to clarify exactly what they are doing with regards to this.

    I hope that was useful. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog.

  42. I just came across your wonderful info on Commedia Dell’Arte. My daughter is just starting a unit on it and she is in grade 10 too! I am concerned though with the sexuality in this art form. The teachers have not set much of a standard with this and the boys are planning on ‘having fun’ with it. My daughter is worried that it will go too far and when I talked with the teacher he said that it could be hard to control what happens during the improvisational parts of her group’s work. Is this necessary? I am not comfortable with inappropriate sexual actions even if for humour. What are your thoughts on this and how my daughter can handle this?

  43. Karla! What a great name you have! Yes, it would be wonderful if you can to visit! I will contact you at the email address you provided. Hopefully, we can connect soon. It’s so wonderful to see Drama being offered at your school. Woohoo! That’s a big win.

  44. Hey Karla.

    I am teaching drama and religion at a Catholic school in the South West region. Next year we are running HSC drama for the first time and have to start thinking about programming and resourcing etc and it is a bit daunting as there are so many options. I am looking to make contacts with drama teachers in the area and my school is happy to give me time release to visit schools and teachers. Do you think it would be possible to perhaps come and visit your school to discuss programming?



  45. Karla! This is Monika, Yvonne’s friend from primary school. So wonderful to see you have created this network! It has been really helpful and I had no idea you were the creator. I’m teaching English at Sefton High and have also been given a yr 9 drama class. Hope to chat sometime and would love to pick your brain on strategies for a new drama teacher.
    Hope you’re well!

  46. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for visiting the blog. Here are some of the reasons why I think Commedia would be good for children:

    1. It encourages them to explore role and the stock characters make that a little easier.

    2. It encourages them to explore situations that the characters would find themselves in and develops improvisation skills

    3. You could do mask making and have the students come up with their own stock characters encouraging creative play.

    I hope you can use these responses some how. All the best with your interview. Let us know how it goes!


  47. Hi Karla and Everyone,

    I need to craft a paragraph about why I want to direct 4th-6th graders in specific plays (I have an interview for a drama teacher position at a progressive elementary school in New York City.) I thought of using Commedia plays but am having a hard time coming up with a paragraph of why Commedia plays would be good for elementary students. Can you help me?

    Thanks so much!

  48. Hi Clint,

    Thanks so much for your feedback on the blog. Good Luck with your musical. Take the gamble. I know the hard work will pay off. I struggle to find warm-ups that work to develop character traits too. I have struggled to find books that help with this also. I’m starting to have some ideas about what to do though. I might try to put it in a blog post. Thanks for reading my blog.

  49. Hi Karla, i too am sort of in the same boat as you. I am the only Drama teacher at a small school in Pretoria, South Africa. The subject at the school is a mere three years old. We will only be doing our first major production next year (I’m hoping to stage a production of “Once” the musical). One area i am really struggling in is finding warm-ups that mach character traits. What i mean is if the character is an angry energetic person, the warm-ups need to help them get into the character, help them focus. Do you know of any websites, or books that can help in this regard?

    By the way this is by far one of the best solo drama network sites i have come across. it is really helpful.


    Clint Archer

  50. Beautiful blog. I’m starting a blog to go with my series of classic plays for the classroom. Drama, as a written genre, is being welcomed into the American classroom again thanks to the new standards arriving in 2014. My G+ Community is called CommonCorePLAYS and all are welcome. I’m just figuring the multimedia part as I go along and would love to connect with more teachers using theatre 😀

  51. Just came across your blog Karla. Great work. I am the only teacher at my school and started drama from scratch in my first year of teaching. Although I live in Canberra I am trained in NSW. I’ll keep checking in to get some tips.

  52. Hi there

    I have to thank you so much for blog. Im training towards my PGCE at the minute and its so hard to find on line, up to date material for drama teachers. Your information is really current and informative. Thank you, Melanie

  53. Great blog! I stumbled across it doing a Google search for English and Drama teacher blogs. Loving what you are doing here. As a children’s and YA playwright as well as a student studying English and Education, this is incredibly informative. Thanks

  54. Hi Michelle,

    I absolutely can write a post about assessment for the HSC. Is there anything in particular you would like me to focus on? For example, how to distribute the weightings, what outcomes to assess for which units, types of tasks for particular units? I’m happy to look at your assessment task too. I will email you and you can reply to it with your task. Glad to hear you’re also reading plays. Yes, I too felt incredibly new at everything after three years also. We feel like we’ve been doing it forever but we really haven’t, lol. Thanks so much for the request and supporting the blog. Anything else I can do please let me know.

    Ta, K.

  55. Hi Karla, I am still a new teacher (after 3 years!) and I find HSC assessment writing hard. Can you do a blog on assessment writing for HSC please? Could I email you a sample of mine to critique? Thanks, and I love this blog, very helpful. I am trying to read a play a week too! Well, a play every 2-3 weeks lol

  56. Hi Carla … what a great site … I have started a web-site a year ago but mine is so meagre in comparison … you are a true inspiration … I have started at a school in Sydney – North West region – this year and I am building up Drama at the moment …

  57. Hi, Karla.
    You and your colleagues might find of interest my blog, created to accompany the publication of my recent book, Dimensions of Acting. I’m starting a series of posts aimed to be of interest to Yr 12-ers preparing to audition for actor-training centres.

    You might feel it’s appropriate to list my blog among your affilliates. I’m sure there’s plenty on there that would be of interest to our drama-teaching colleagues, and their students.


    warm regards,


  58. Great idea to keep the pressure on with changes etc.
    Please go to your local Teachers Federation Meeting or Independent Teachers Union and speak about the issues we discussed to the Masterclass
    a) help with running a public exam/the students and the audience
    b) having Drama classified as a practical subject
    c) having class sizes limited to 24
    Margie Gleeson

  59. Karla – Awesome site – I stumbled upon it by accident. I am a the only drama teacher at Port Macquarie High School. Missed the second day of Masterclass. What did John Montomery say in the morning 31st of March??? I would love to keep in touch.
    Hamish Keddie

  60. Cheers for the encouragement Miss D and I agree, the standards package on the BoS site is so old. It does seem very pointless using it. If you go and look at the exam paper on their site however there are “Comments from the Marking Centre” attached based on the candidature for this year. That may help somewhat but I agree and overhaul is way overdue.

  61. Hello everyone! I have written to the board of studies and would love your support and encourage you to do the same re: THE DRAMA HSC ESSAY!! The arc sample site is nearly 10 years old and the essay question has changed – we all saw how different it was this year – and we don’t know what they will throw at us next year – we need exemplary samples to guide us and far more support – so many of us are on our own, a little struggling teacher trying to get through things individually with little back up – especially when head Capa teachers are either art or music, so they can’t help us – so it’s great Karla has opened this up to get the back up support we need!

  62. Hi Karla Met you at TeachMeet Hills this week and thought I’d have a look at your blog. Well done it looks great. Hope you don’t mind but I passed on the link to the Drama teachers at my school and hope they have a look. I also posted re monologues. Keep up the positive attitude 🙂

  63. Debbie,

    Try http://bit.ly/nOukI4

    There is a unit there on playbuilding and creative movement. You might also like to try looking at something like Theatresports. It’s great for foundation skills in improv and it’s fun!

    I hope I helped and I’m glad you enjoy the blog. If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.


  64. Hi Karla,
    Just stumbled across this through a google search and am over the moon. A great site. Thank you. Can you answer something for me? I am trying to lay my hands on some ready – made units (long story, don’t ask) …. for Stage 5 on Improv. Do you know where I can buy or borrow any? I have been looking on TALE but I never really see anything.
    Just thought perhaps you might know.


  65. Hi Karla,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I still get excited when people leave me comments!

    Your blog looks great too. You have a nice, easy style which makes me want to keep reading and clicking around your blog.

    I wish you all the best for the school year and your pioneering efforts at your school. I loved drama at school. Kids are so in need of a creative outlet it’s not even funny. Drama helped me in so many ways – I found confidence and I found my voice.

  66. Lyn,

    It’s great to hear I wasn’t the only one having browser problems. I’ve now discovered Firefox because of it and I’m thrilled. My post is up now Lyn so you can see the images I created. Thanks again for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your support and feedback.

  67. I also have had a few challenges. The tasks are taking much longer that I think they should as other íssues’come up. I had the same problems as you with Explorer so followed Sue’s advice and downloaded Firefox. I came looking for your photo to see how you went but can’t find it. Have you posted it yet? I’m hoping I acknowledged mine correctly. Please feel free to check my post re Australia Day and tell me what you think.

  68. Hi Karla,
    I really like your page and your slyle of writing.The simple lines in your layout appeal to me. Keep your blog going. I think you will really enjoy the adventure. Also enjoy these last couple of days of holiday. It is almost over.


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