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Yr 10 Drama Celebrate the Oscars

Powerpoint (without clips)

The clips are listed on the last slide. You will need to insert them yourself as it is too big of a file to upload with them in it.

Yr 10 Drama Celebrate the Oscars – Worksheets

Walk of Fame Star Template


Best Picture Activity

DIY Oscar

Oscars Worksheets

Teaching Blogging to Staff and Students

#PLNlove was a series of workshops I ran at my school as TPL activity for staff to introduce them to the value of blogging and building a personal learning network.

Here are the notes from my series of workshops. Feel free to use them.

NB: These notes are modified from the Kick Start Your Blogging Challenge Copyright @suewaters and @edublogs. Used with permission. See full notes here.

Workshop 1 – Setting Up Your Blog

Notes (1) (PDF)

Workshop 2 – Posts & Pages

Blog Post

Notes (2) (PDF)

Workshop 3 – Enhancing Posts with Images, Widgets and Media

Blog Post

Notes (3) (PDF)

Workshop 4 – Building Readership

Blog Post

Notes (4) (PDF)



  1. Dear Karla,
    Having read this thread, we have recently published a book that may be of interest to you and your readers. It focuses on teaching drama in secondary AND primary school and was written by a teacher with nearly thirty years experience. For further information please contact me on

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  3. Hi Kylee,

    My expertise with primary drama is pretty limited I’m afraid but I’m actually in the process of trying to develop a program. As I develop resources I will share them on the blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog.

  4. Hi Karla,

    Do you have any recommended resources for Primary drama? I’m currently teaching after school drama with year 3s and 4s, and my previous experience is all with much older students, so I’m at a bit of a loss! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 🙂


  5. Fantastic New Drama Resource, ripe for Senior School Performances. A brand new musical about Henry VIII and the life of the Tudors both at court and street life. Henry! historically accurate, and recently ran for 10 nights and sold out! The show is received fantastic reviews and many people said they felt it would be a really great new musical for senior schools as it has parts for anything from 16-42 players, is great fun and teaches the Tudor story in less than 2 hours accurately and with opportunities for many shining stars to show their singing and acting talents to the full. Strong Henry and Fool roles are the most demanding but the 6 Queens, their handmaids, the courtiers, Cromwell, Cranmer and a host of others can all double as chorus, making a really strong show. We have a full set of costumes, a full score and script and would be very happy to make adaptations as necessary to suit your drama set. We would like to let enthusiastic Drama and Music teachers know about this work and if anyone would like to know more, please check our henrythemusic FB page or contact us on

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