Suggestions for Monologues

Below is a collection of ideas for the Individual Project (Performance) in the HSC or in any other assessment situation where the students need to perform a monologue.

I’ve divided them into female and male. Listing the author/director and character (in brackets).

I will continue to add to these suggestions as I get more ideas.

Remember: Use your own teacher discretion before suggesting any texts to students.











Some great sites I’ve found for monologue ideas:



  1. Hey Karla, great list!

    There’s a whole batch of interesting monologues over at A few of them have some rough language though, so use discretion when recommending them to your students.

  2. Hi all. If any of your students are in need of a hsc monologue then check out ‘Fruit and Nuts’ and the newly published ‘The Second Coming’ on . As a former Drama teacher I know how hard it can be to find pieces. Hopefully these two scripts will tick all the boxes.

  3. Hi Hamish,

    Sorry for the delayed response. The advice I give my students when looking at doing something from a book is to find sections of the book that have some sort of action in them. Either the character is doing something or they are watching someone do something that they can re-enact through physical action. For example, from memory, when he witnesses the taxi accident for example. Mind you, it’s a 900 page book so there are bound to be other examples! Photocopy those sections and see, if they don’t already go for 6-8 minutes, see if you can put them together to make them into a 6-8 minute monologue. Put all of it in your logbook to show your process.

    I hope that helps. If you need anything else let me know. Otherwise, all the best!


  4. At the risk of blowing my own horn, my humorous monolog “The Thwack of God” is now available on Amazon. It is for a young man, and times out at eight minutes. Is was performed well last year in Minnesota.

  5. The book ‘Big Fish’ by Daniel Wallace (the one that Tim Burton’s film is based on) is really good for a male or female due to its first person narration and anecdotal style. It’s written as a story between father and son, but could be adapted.

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  7. Hi. I’ve got an original monologue that I think would work for the high school speech competition. Where can I get it submitted to get it published? Or, is anyone doing self-publishing? How do you handle copyright infringement.

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  9. Have you read a 10 minute play called Rosie in the Shadow of the Melrose? I saw this at speech contest and it’s a good challenge for two high school students – a male and female. The duo who played the roles were so believable that I forgot I was watching two high school students.

  10. The movie “Lipstick” about a young woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. My daughter based her IP on it and was very successful in HSC Drama – Onstage nomination and a 98. It took her a long time to find something she was happy with and fluked this one – picked it up at the video store thinking it was about fashion !!

  11. My students in Modern History really enjoy creating monologues for ww1 soldiers ,or individuals where they reflect on experiences and changing attitudes to war. This idea is not new but without fail it engages them. They use costume, props, facts and imagination. This year Charles Bean (year 12 boy) was on his death bed and in our multi -stage class , year 11 were “impromptu” members of his family gathered around to listen to his thoughts. A great list you have started here 🙂


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